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Pymempresario is a community for entrepreneurs and SMEs, based in Mexico city.

Clients goals

As one of the most important SMEs in Mexico, Pymempresario team constantly seeks to keep live interaction with its users, taking into account their individual needs and focus its effort on showing the most relevant content. That way, they can keep the user satisfied and make their experience smooth and fun. With this perspective in mind, and the eagerness for constant improvement, the management applyed to us with the idea of making this project with joint effort, and create a developing strategy for re-order and re-design of their website.

The challenge of the project

The main challenge was creating a website that answers both the users and the editors needs. We had to think about  focused marketing strategy and user experience that will stand in the highest standarts. Through a study of analytical, marketing and positioning goals, we succeeded in answering all of our goals:

• UX
• Marketing strategies
• Backend revolutionary elements

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