Powerful tool to manage your business

CRM (Costumer relationship management) is an ROI tool that helps you drive the most profitable element that has its relationship with the client as business. CRM allows an improvement long interaction with the customer, providing a wide each image and becoming better oriented to the customer who can find your company

A CRM system can range from collecting data on phone calls on the sales area, through self-service websites where customers can learn about and purchase products to customer analysis and management systems of a campaign.

What is CRM?

Administrative Software CRM is a business strategy for managing all your company’s relationships, It is based on a corporate philosophy which seeks to understand and anticipate the needs of current and potential customers. By means of automating and organizing data, the system enhances the business performance in every aspect starting from service, time managing and profits.

Why CRM?

Smart customer management with CRM. Any company that has several clients and leads know how complex it is to manage all the information starting from the first contact with a client. Much of the information gathered can be lost if not centralized and unified in the right way. What you need is a smart tool that accumulates, protects, integrates and presents you all the data in a way that helps you taking care of sales opportunities, continuous contact and targeted marketing in one place. There is nothing more important for a business than its sales and this is the reason why CRM is the backbone of a company's information. Make sure opportunities don’t get lost and help your sales increase dramatically.

Core System

There's no need to move from one system to the other any more. With CRM all the data about your costumers is centralized and protected in one place. Thus your team can get the full picture about each client or potential client, upgrade the service and hence the profits.


With CRM you are able to add different accounts and specify the roles of each employee.


Have full control over the actions of your team through reports and customized graphs.


CRM enables you to give each customer a personal response integrating all the data about each one in one screen display. Moreover, you have full control over your contact list, sectioning and filtering sub-groups for every need.

Document Management

Create and customize digital forms, save, print and send documents using CRM flexible tools. Export and import data from excel and other formats.

Dynamic Looks

Send and Receive forms and documents directly from CRM system through Outlook. Save resources and take care for the client more efficiently and conveniently.

Users Profiles

Each user screen display and authorizations are customized specifically, to increase work efficiency and create a convenient platform.

In just 4 steps, target, build, and send designed, focused emails to your leads and customers that drive action, then view audience engagement and more.

Integrations and Extensions

Integrate CRM with Outlook, Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, phone systems, and much more. You can also receive and log phone calls through CRM.

Inventory Management

Organize and keep track of your product volumes and services, use price books to set different pricing rules for different customer groups and more.


Segment the data using conditional filters, and perform basic calculations directly, or export the data via CSV or XLS for further analysis.

Client Management

With a set of tools designed to make and retain customers effectively, vtiger is one of the most powerful and easy to implement CRM solutions.