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Send up to 10 million mails in one click.

Schiclick is an e-mail marketing platform with a cloud infrastructure that allows massive mail sending, in a quick, safe and effective way, with detailed statistics and reports. It's a great tool for reaching your target audience, gaining new customers, conducting surveys about products or services, and reinforcing the relationship with existing customers.

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What is Schiclick SendMail?

Schiclick Sendmail is a marketing software that allows you to create and send email campaigns in minutes.

Why should you implement this software in your marketing strategy?

Schiclick Sendmail is a marketing software that allows you to create and send email campaigns in minutes.

System Features

  • Allows creating and sending professional digital campaigns in just minutes.
  • Provides a hosting and sending managing service so you can easily reach your potential clients.
  • Allows you to customize your digital marketing campaigns in just a few easy steps.
  • Schiclick can safely store in its cloud all of your clients’ information.

Custom emails

Add tags to the text in an email, so that each email has the name of the person to whom it is addressed. Schiclick also allows you to customize data within the text of your mail by adding different labels.

Adapting your own templates

If you already have a design, no problem! You can access code to customize the look of your templates. You can also store files to use them in upcoming campaigns.

Contact lists

Schiclick allows you to create different contact lists. You can easily add new subscribers to them through an online form that can be embedded in your website or Facebook fan page.

Measure your audience’s engagement.

Schiclick helps you maintain and estimate your audience’s engagement in each of your campaigns.

Recurrent campaigns

This tool will help you schedule sending periodic campaigns as often as you want.


Program one or more mails to automatically respond before, during or after a specific date or event.

Advanced editing options

Savvy HTML coders can personalize more aspects of their campaigns by inserting code lines or previously designed formats like .zip files.

Sending Tests

Carries out sending tests to make sure your campaign looks just like you want it.

A/B split test

With Schiclick you can create small focus groups that allow you to analyse content options and titles for your next campaign. This way, you’ll know which one will have a greater impact.

Results Report

Schiclick offers detailed reports on the results of your campaigns.

Integration to Google Analytics

If you wish to, we can integrate your Google Analytics tracking code to your campaign so that you can record the number of visits generated to your site, or how many conversions were achieved, among many other data.


The tool bar in Schiclick allows you to viralize your campaigns by integrating them into any of the major social networks.