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We are a leading company in the digital field in México. Great tech partners and satisfied customers support us. We apply cutting edge tech tools and knowledge that allow us to anticipate the future and formulate strategies that contribute to your commercial success and your business’ competitive edge.

Great tech partners and satisfied customers back us up.

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Our apps

We develop our own cross-platform apps and create personalized ones to satisfy our clients needs. Our apps have more than 1.5 million downloads, and numerous awards. We know how to do it, that’s why our cross-platform mobile app performance goes way beyond your expectations!

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Our team

Our team is conformed by a mix of business professionals, creative talent, skilled project managers, ux/ui, digital marketing team, designers, developers and editorial experts that put their talent and experience to achieve the commercial growth of your business.

Our skills

In yalla ya! we create technical solutions: we have the ability and the talent that allows us to design and develop successful apps for mobile devises with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, S40 and Windows Phone platforms, that respond to your business’ needs, industry and scope. We also offer you management and maintenance services, hosting plans made to fit your needs, and all the necessary training and advice to distribute and market your app.

Our supporters

In addition to our team of experts we work in close collaboration with renowned platform manufacturers and telecommunication companies worldwide.

More applications that we have developed

This is our creation process

Our methodology

Our efficient methodology, comes from years of experience in controlled and on time project delivery, reducing costs and risks to ensure success in the development, publishing and maintenance of all of our apps.

1. Brainstorming and business models consultancy.

In this first stage, we carefully analyse every aspect of the finished product.

  • • A detailed brief of Business Goals
  • • Target market Analysis
  • • Business model analysis
  • • Technology definition
  • • Product concept

appventure is the yalla ya!’s educative program that trains and certifies you in the creation and development of apps for the main mobile platforms.

Through our new program, we select and train talented people throughout the country, and channel them directly into the best companies. We also offer training programs for education institutions and companies, so that their employees learn to develop apps.

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