We incubate innovation

We incubate mobile and information technologies, plus, we generate the knowledge and resources that allow us develop IT business and SaaS strategies. Our objective is to understand our client’s needs to guide them and develop overall solutions that contribute to their commercial success and competitive advantage.

IT business incubation

At yalla ya!, we guide entrepreneurs and businessmen in technological, operative, legal, strategic, impeditive, and fiscal aspects during the creative process. And we consolidate your company through a model of incubation which simplifies the implementation and development of your business’ idea.

We offer a team of specialists in each of the incubation areas which provide advice, guidance, and training, both technologically and methodically, in the proper development of business strategies for your company.

Technologically based incubation

We promote the transformation of innovative technological ideas in wide-reaching businesses that generate a new body of knowledge in its field.

Media Technology incubation

We support the creation, development and consolidation of companies that incorporate innovative processes or elements.

Incubation Methodology

At yalla ya!, we incubate innovation and we do it through a methodological process that provides support, resources, and advice in each of the stages of the emerging business’ development, always focusing in its growth as a competitive company within its sector, whether it is national or international.

Our objective is the incubation of business strategies with a long-term impact. That is why we choose groundbreaking ideas that match certain criteria, increasing the feasibility, economy, and financial status of the project, the sector it belongs to, the specialty of each of its team member’s, and the specific objectives.

To ensure the correct development of a revolutionary business idea, we develop our methodology in three different stages: pre-incubation, incubation and post-incubation.

1. Pre-Incubation

At pre-incubation stage, the bases to convert an innovative idea into a successful entrepreneurship are established. In this phase we analyze the sustainability of the project, and we develop a market investigation or surveys that determine the way to follow. Afterwards, the business strategic plan is developed with yalla ya!, whether it is as a partnership or as a specialized services provider, in the development of the future company. We will always be interested in investing in original ideas; after all, we incubate innovation.

Success stories

Our clients trust the experience, vision and business strategies that distinguish us as a successful project incubator. Know their stories and prove how we have enhanced their ideas into innovative companies, each time solider and better established.