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The ideal tool that leads you to the best results in every project or task of your company. RUN - runs your projects.

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RUN project manager is a powerful tool to manage your business
that includes an advanced tracking system.

This system allows better control over the processes and activities in your business
and includes a follow-up plans that will help you complete each stage successfully.

Support Countless Projects

Enables control over countless projects in parallel and with surprising flexibility, adjust it to your needs easily.

Users Profiles

Users may have different tasks depending on their roles within the project. Collaborate in the most efficient way possible.

Follow up

Be up to date with the current state of each task and sub-task. The system will show you the time spent on each activity.

Calendar and Gantt Chart

Sometimes it is not enough to write tasks, RUN offers the option to easily create graphic elements that shows the data in an understandable and simple way.

Document Management

If your project requires files or documents to support certain tasks, RUN helps you run all the important details in one place. That way, you can have better control of each delivery.

Get notifications via e-mail

You can follow any change in each task or project by deciding to be informed about those changes directly to your inbox.

Share files

Share documents, photos, diagrams or any other relevant files with other workers. Center all collaboration in one place.

Manage activities via email

Even when the system is not in your reach at a certain moment, you can send messages and instructions through your mail directly to the task or the project page.

More features

  • - Real time activity tracking.
  • - Integration with SVN, Git and others.
  • - Authentication using LDAP.
  • - multi language.