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CNN Expansion

Client Name:
Expansion group – CNN Expansión

In short
Expansion Group is a company that always seeks high standards of quality in its products and services, and new ideas to implement.

Client´s goals

As a result of synergy and evaluating the deployment of new platforms where display content created by themselves. The challenge was to create an application that focus values, work quality and brand CNN Expansion, all within one of the fastest growing platforms in Mexico is that is Windows Phone, added to another which contains a mass of devices high at home, S40.

El challenge of the project

The challenge was to integrate the services Expansion Group offers through its brand CNN Expansion to the aforementioned platforms, taking into account the quality that characterizes them and providing a solution that users can evaluate as a must-have.

The solution

Native applications focused on the devices listed above under the required quality company, providing the right solution on time and were created.

Download WindowsPhone
Download S40

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