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Our offices are located in the neighborhood of Roma, one of the most lively and central neighborhoods in Mexico City. You don't need to own a car, as getting to yalla ya! is extremely easy: the subway, metro-bus, and rent-a-bike stations of Chilpancingo are just a few blocks away.

We are a company dedicated to innovation and so are our offices, designed to create and nourish a pleasant working environment that enables each of our team members to perform optimally. It's no conventional space, as it is designed to have separated workspaces: areas specially planned for techs and open spaces to relax and stretch.

At yalla ya!, we are genuinely concerned for the growth and further training of our team members. Now we need you; if you are searching to grow professionally, this is the place for you to be, as we offer courses and internal training to keep our team updated and at the cutting edge.


We are a culturally diverse group of people that enjoys making work fun. Every month we host a Friday Challenge, a contest meant to maximize our employees’ creativity. It’s a super-fun internal competition which allows us to keep creativity flowing. We also hold weekly Rock band challenges, an open coffee bar; plus, we are pet-friendly.


Even though we might not have vacancies available for the job title you're interested in, it doesn't matter. Surprise us! Fill out this form; and attach your full CV and portfolio. At yalla ya!, we're always looking for talented individuals that can broaden the scope of our team.






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    Rest assured, we work under the strictest privacy policies to protect your information. At yalla ya!, your data is secure.


    • Excellent vacation span
    • Security benefits stated by law starting from day one
    • Courses and training aligned with each employee’s profile
    • Bonuses
    • Yearly ecobici pass
    • Competitive salaries
    • Coffee bar and breakfast
    • Access to a fully equipped kitchen

    Selection Process

    • Send us your portfolio, CV and all of your contact details.
    • Once reviewed, you will be called for a walk-in around yalla ya!, where you can check out its team, facilities, and get an overview of the scope of your job, while you clear up any doubts and questions.
    • This will be followed by a battery of technical, psychometric, and socio-economic assessments to get in-depth knowledge of your personal profile and skill set. It is therefore important for you to include personal and professional references attached to your CV.
    • When your application has been assessed and your references checked we'll schedule a meeting so you can meet those who will be your immediate superiors.
    • You will be offered a 90 day trial contract including all the corresponding security benefits. Upon satisfactory completion you will become part of the yalla ya! team!




    La familia yalla ya! se expande y hay una oportunidad para ti. Somos una empresa enfocada a la creación de aplicaciones móviles con una dinámica de trabajo tipo Google, más que un lugar para trabajar somos una familia enfocada en el desarrollo de líderes.


    • Venta de servicios

    • Seguimiento a prospectos y clientes

    • Atención post venta y elaboración de estrategias comerciales



    • Escolaridad : Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas



    • Conocer los términos y el lenguaje utilizado en el desarrollo de software, Internet, comercio electrónico y marketing digital. • Excelente ortografía y redacción

    • Enfocado a trabajar por objetivos y con expectativas de crecimiento



    • Redactar propuestas y dar seguimiento al plan del proyecto de cada cliente

    • Elaborar estrategias de venta

    • Contactar a clientes potenciales y coordinar con equipo de trabajo


    Si cubres el perfil postulate dando click en el botón inferior o envía tu CV a jobs@yalla-ya.com.

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    App Specialist



    Job Objective

    Mobile Application Development for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and J2ME


    • In-house solutions and design review with clients

    • Application development and optimization

    • Researching into new platform and features

    • Development and implementation of test units

    • Quality control of developed applications

    • Kit compilation for the storefront publication

    • API implementation for communication with web services

    • Creating the documentation of developed applications

    • Self-learning

    • Training of internal and external staff about new technologies.

    • Supporting other developers.


    • Ability to work under pressure and demanding working environments

    • Ability to adapt and respond

    • Mental agility and efficiency

    • Organized

    • Result oriented work

    Schooling Degree

    Completed Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering


    • Visual Studio

    • Eclipse

    • NetBeans

    • Xcode or Titanium Appcelerator

    Specific areas of knowledge

    • Java

    • C#

    • C++ o Objective-C

    • JavaScript

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • XML

    • Web services

    • Linux


    Applications development and support

    Personal qualities and skills:

    • Mathematics: Knowledge of statistics, algebra, and geometry is fundamental.

    • Estimation: Breaking a problem up into smaller parts and assessing the amount of effort required to solve each one of them.

    • Microeconomics: Supply and demand, opportunity cost, and understanding the difference between perfection and what is of genuine value for business.

    • User Interface Design: on-screen controller language and knowing the specific uses of each controller, being able to design according to the clients’ needs.

    • Low-level programming languages: Use of memory, branching, arithmetic, and the representation of data in bits in order to optimize coding.

    • Computer Architecture: Knowledge of how a computer works internally; hardware, networks, and operating systems.

    • Programming: Working on specific projects.

    Areas of Expertise

    Systems, computing, engineering, IT


    At least six months of work experience in similar posts


    English 60 %

    Type of Vacancy

    Full time

    Number of Vacancies








    Physical Characteristics


    Available to hire people with disabilities

    Yes, but must be able to handle computing interfaces (keyboard, mouse, screen) and mobile devices with touch screens.

    Requires own car


    Availability to travel


    Gross monthly salary

    $10,000.00 MXN


    All of the required by the law

    Working days

    Monday to Friday

    Working hours

    9am to 7pm


    yalla ya!, Roma Sur, México DF



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